Timeline Post by kdm32105

I meant to post this under your new pic on Instagram. I don’t know if this will ever be seen by Ms. Braxton. Beautiful pic ty for the update! I wish You a life of love and good health. Congratulations! I do not know if my post will ever be seen. I am uncertain what is happening with Braxton Family Values but you all deserve to earn just as much as you can that what it’s all about. I cannot imagine what it must be like having to deal with contracts and negotiations on your level but man WE better get its act together. You are the only show I watch on WE! You first brought me to that channel. Stations getting chintzy you must challenge. I just saw this YouTube video dated 2 wks ago of an update saying the show may be over. It quoted Tamar’s statement about You being the longest reality show and you deserve a raise. I absolutely agree. To describe myself. I am White and 3 yrs older. I have been listening to you Ms. Toni Braxton since 1992 and have been watching BVF and following You and Tamar the last 6 -7 years. You had a major impact on me in 1992 and You still do. So does your family. I am a recent transplant patient. I wish You all nothing but the very best of health. WE Executives may not care, but I do, Your Mom’s health issues, Your Dad’s , Tamar’s and Your own with all the travelling You do and what they risk, if its part of the show, damn right you deserve to make as much as anyone else and as much as You can! What you put yourselves out there for and what you endure from the public. You are an attribute and don’t let any station devalue You. The loss is those of us out here and if You leave WE I am sure many like myself will too. Despite any outcome, I would like to say “Thank You” to each and every one in Your Family for all you have shared, for all you have given of Yourselves, and for all you have taught. Because yes, you have an impact. When I came to your show, I had just incurred many losses simultaneously in 2011. Everyone I spent my life my with, the most important closest ones ever, are no longer living. I adore You and Tamar and I followed her since. I think your entire family is very special. I respect each of your family’s privacy. My own experience is I lost my BFF due to a lifetime of discrete patterns and cycles. Each marriage is unique. I just want to personally wish nothing but safety and health in everyone’s relationships. Should any family member experience any jeopardy I will extend my heart with the most careful wishes. Over the past 6 years, I saw these moments with Your Mom and between all of You. I saw the same on Tamar’s show. Some things inside I have lost. But there are moments I watch you all and sometimes it comes back. I so respect your Faith it’s so wonderful to watch You and Your family together. I am so excited for You and Bird. You deserve so much Ms. Toni and so does Ms. Tamar. I wish all of Your family much happiness. You have a beautiful very normal family. A very special unit. Love and Health are All the Riches. I am sure money helps but money doesn’t make you Happy, Life, Love and Who is next to You does. All whom you are bonded to does. Things happen, but I have been my own family and the ones I met along the way who became my family are no longer here as of 2011. I had a beautiful life and I now give it all to my new organ who gives me the precious gift of continuous breathing. I never take it for granted. Please savor Time. That is more important than any TV station and producer or any of us out here. I had a great family until age 4 I was just separated from them for 35 yrs. I wish you nothing but every breath of love and life for all of you. I had my own beliefs since early youth. No one can ever take my heart away from me nor any emotions. (I love you all express yours all around the world. The world could use a lot of love these days.) That is most precious gift of a human being. To think how phenomenal it is that a brain has the ability to feel the range that it can. I did lose them after my own experiences since 2011. It’s very surreal. I remember my emotions I can’t feel them like I used to. I am living in a different plane now. Your songs in 1992 came at the best time of my entire life. But one day I was listening to the radio in my apt about that horrible accountant of yours. I will leave it at that but I was truly pissed off and deeply heartfelt for You. You didn’t deserve that. Watching your movie a year or two ago about Your life I truly appreciated that memory of the radio announcement I that I never forgot. You have a thriving business. It’s time WE Execs appreciate all of You. They make the bucks off Your Daily Reality, Your Privacy, they can spare the increase. A month or two ago, I was watching BFV and there was your new video. You first announced it, I paused my DVR and went right to the internet. For the first and only time I joined iTunes. I played it incessantly. I also left it on my DVR and replayed the video on TV for several months. I loved the choreography. Your superior voice goes unsaid. I was so relieved also to see Tamar in your video and to see how she was doing because of what was shown up until that point on WE. I was very worried and nervous for her. Isolation is dangerous. I love all of Your Sisterhood. I love your Mom took her stand. She protected her Baby. I absolutely adore Tamar. I respect everyone’s wishes. I respect Tamar. I don’t care never leave her side. Do not distant. You got the goods the power you are family. I am not saying everyone is my scenario but patterns are. And they are real. My BFF is everything and my belief was you don’t leave a soldier behind on the battlefield, you never leave a woman behind in DV .. and still. This is not something I ever would imagine would happen in our lives at all and it did. So whatever anyone can take from this. People don’t change. Some mature that’s it.. I enjoy all of You. You and Tamar are my favorites no offense to anyone. I love all of you. I contacted only once before. I made a reply somewhere once years ago when you all were in therapy together, in support of Tamar. I respected all of your family and my statement was just that -respectful thoughtful and diplomatic the way it should be. My first time on Instagram was a few months ago when I saw your video on your phenomenal new hit “Long as I live “ which I love. (I wish for You and Bird and all your family a very long life.) That video of You Tamar and Towanda that short release before the video came out on BVF .. it was the first time, in decades for a specific reason, I just lit right up and was singing and dancing on my living room couch lol. I love your voice. You are yes absolutely a living legend. LOL I watching you shy away from Tamar when she was calling you that the last episode lmao. Ty so much for bringing me laughter. You all have the best humor. I wish you all the very best! ❤